I'm not going to save the world but I want to shape it.


My name is Pablo Serrano, on the internet, I am except on Twitter. Someone got that name first and you can find me there as @pabloserrago.

I design digital experiences as well as conceptualize products. I apply lean UX to discover needs to create MVPs.

When I am not designing you can find me learning a new language, traveling or painting.

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Senior UX Product Designer with 6+ years experience.

Analytical thinking, problem-solving, learning ability, creative reasoning, curiosity and attention to detail are among the skills that define me.

Focused on understanding business goals using technology, with a user centric perspective.

Always looking for new challenges.

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  • 1W4US everis 2015


  • Adobe Design Awards 2014


  • RendibĂș 2006


    • Exhibitions

  • Emociones en silencio

    Museum of Latin American Art MoLAA. Long Beach. 2013.

    MoMA. New York. 26-28 October 2012.

    Cendeac. Murcia. 2011.

    • Publications

  • Emociones en silencio

    Cendeac. La Arrixaca. 2011.

  • Calendar illustration

    Yorokobu. 2014.

    • Lectures

  • Art Direction for Start-ups

    ELISAVA. Barcelona. 2016-Present.

  • City Lab Barcelona (video)

    As part of everis. ELISAVA. Barcelona. 2015.

  • How to effective showcase

    Faculty of Medecine. University of Murcia. Murcia. 2013-Present.