Buy Yourself

The next generation technology for retail

The goal is that a client has to leave the store with an item purchased. With this idea we develop a system for Sales Assistants to allow to a customer to buy when, where and how he or she wants.

Starting with stock unification, the App and e-commerce platform ecosystem increase the store revenue and the client notice a better shopping experience.

Using a business model canvas as a starting point, I made a product inception exercise as well as interviews with potential clients and end-users.

The design process continued with a functional design to test and validate business giving everytime what the end-users need.

A design is a living entity. Therefor, we have iterated keeping cohesion thanks to a design system based on the principles of Ditier Rams to make a product memorable.

Within this project we develop Apps for customers in iOS and Android, Apps for Sales Assistants in iOS and Android and a Dashboard in Angular for settings and control.

Results were outstanding and are summarized below.

! Notice that the results are from a retail chain with +200 stores with presence in Spain, Portugal and France.

Key results

    Increase of sales

  • Increase of turnover in online store by 43%
  • Main sales are coming from online store
  • Sales in offline stores are for long-tail products
    • Increase of orders

  • Increase of online and digital offline orders by 53%
  • Increase of reservation between stores
    • More profitable

  • Reduction of discounts.
  • Increase of productivity. Reduction of wasted time for employees.
  • Buy Yourself for Tablets

    I played a key role in these fields


  • Product inception
  • Business model canvas
  • Customer adquisition
    • Customer Experience

  • User interviews
  • Shadowing
  • User validation
  • User journey
    • Design

  • Design system
  • Brand identity
  • Layout code for Angular
  • Finding becomes key to our core users

    We introduced three ways to spot the product you need according to user the user needs in scenarios with customers

    Buy Yourself for Tables


    Conceptualize as the city center of any metropoly, the dashboard's global position contains what it's urgent, important and what needs to be controlled.


    We include IBM Plex to desktop to display a font that is similar to the branded one, easy to scale and versatile.

    Self Checkout & APP for customers

    We patented a technology to allow self-checkout for big merchants. We discovered big retailers were loosing sales because customers where dropping due to long queues.

    Since we have the store connnected we introduce an App for customers. With an RFID attached to each product, customers could leave the store without queuing up and keeping the security standards.


    We design a markeplace to gather all the indepent shops that joint the Self-Checkout venture.

    Buy Yourself Marketplace

    Finally we created these illustrations to help to communicate, giving advice, rewards and sign up process.