Dear visitor, discover Barcelona by time

Doing a research on what were the most visited atractions in Barcelona I discovered that 90% of tourists were still going to the sames 10 places tourists did go before the olympic games in 1992.

The city expanded since then but none of the recent projects were massive interesting. There was certenaly an unkownledge of what the city can offer and the local culture.

Travelling became a commodity since it was affordable practically to anybody. We, as citizens that love the city we live in, we want to share with you what else can you do in the city in a way that it's usefull for you.

Having in mind that the 10th most visited atractions are the reason you come to the city, whenever you find free time, we want to propose to you a local plan that fits in your travelling timetable.

You just need to download an APP and check what plan is available. This way you will find how to easy organize yourself, squeeze your time and discover something new.

In my investigation I discovered that more people were coming to Barcelona but they were spending the same amoung of time at the city and visiting the same attractions.

Attractions in Barcelona

More tourists are coming everyday. By 2019 Barcelona will be visited by 10 millions of tourists

These tourists are spending the same amount of nights as the people who visited us 25 years ago

I realized Barcelona, as any other major city, has landmarks to be checked as visited. Tourists are coming for these landmarks so, what if we could show to them something new?

I needed to think as a tourist. How I will see something new in this city if I have limited time? It has to be presented in a way that fits with my interests and my free time.

That's how H:OUR:BCN was born, to propose a new Barcelona, by time.

After openning the App you will be asked to allow the app to access your current location

You only need to select when and for how long do you want the activity to last

You can either discover public activities or select one from the staff pick

You can save your fav activities and add them to your calendar

We can dream to make this an international project

We need to do communication design to create branding for Web, Ads and prints

Buy Yourself for Tables

I used an element that you can associate with a city and that represents time to create the communication for each city